INTERVIEW: Mobile operators can help protect IoT networks by developing a security model which can be adapted to specific verticals, a Telefonica expert explained.

Vicente Segura, head of IoT Security (pictured), noted operators can develop a “global model” to act as a baseline for IoT security, which can then be tweaked to meet the needs of specific sectors including healthcare, automotive and utilities.

However, he said operators cannot do this alone and must tap the expertise of individual sectors to deliver an effective system, because each industry has “different situations, different use cases, and the impact of the problems are very different”.

Speaking to Mobile World Live during the recent Mobile 360 Privacy and Security event, Segura argued operators are in a prime position to lead development of IoT protection systems because “they have the network, they provide communication services and more services on top of that”.

But, he said device manufacturers and cloud platform providers are an essential part: “This is a chain where there are different key partners in the whole model that need to provide some of the capabilities that are key for end-to-end security.”

Segura also commented on the role SIM cards can play as the secure element in IoT devices and a reduction in deployment costs this can bring.

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