Orange furthered its sustainable drive by outlining plans to open its first solar farm in Europe, striking a deal with renewable energy producer Reservoir Sun.

In an announcement, the operator stated the duo will collaborate on building a photovoltaic power plant on its satellite communications site at Bercenay-en-Othe, France.

Spreading 50.000 square metres, the solar-powered station is expected to supply 20 per cent of the energy needed by the site and will allow surplus electricity to be redistributed to the grid.

Orange added the locally generated solar farm, set to go online in 2025, will carry the capacity of 5 mega watts and will save over 100 tons of CO2 every year. The operator explained the solar farm project is in line with its “environmental commitments” as it is “increasingly turning to renewable sources of energy”.

Orange is currently working together with France’s regional directorate for the environment, planning and housing to conduct a year-long research around the environmental impact of the facility.

“This solar farm reflects our additionality approach and is fully in line with our strategy to develop the use of low-carbon energies, in order to contribute to our environmental commitments. This project thus contributes to securing our energy supply while decarbonising our activities,” said interim CEO for Orange wholesale and international networks, Michael Trabbia.