Nokia president of mobile networks Tommi Uitto backed 5G to stimulate growth and fuel advanced digital services in the Kingdom of Jordan, as the vendor inked its latest nationwide RAN supply agreement in the country.

Revealing the vendor’s deal with Orange Jordan, Uitto claimed 5G will have an evolutionary impact in the country, benefitting consumers and industry.

The deal will see Nokia supply equipment from its AirScale range, including Massive MIMO technology, alongside a single RAN system designed to deliver 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G from a single base station.

Orange Jordan is currently marketing a free 5G trial for users in a limited area of capital city Amman ahead of a wider launch.

Nokia noted Orange’s unit in the country planned to cover half of the population with the latest generation of mobile technology within four years, with 5 per cent more added year-on-year after that.

The latest deal comes after Nokia won a contract with Orange’s rival Zain Jordan for its 5G network rollout, while the country’s third player Umniah last month revealed its first deployment phase will be in partnership with Ericsson.