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Net neutrality challenge to be heard in San Francisco

09 MAR 2018

An appeals court in San Francisco will hear challenges to the US regulator Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision to repeal net neutrality laws in the country.

Reuters reported the court will hear a dozen consolidated challenges to the ruling, which have been filed by 22 state attorney generals, public interest groups, internet companies, a California county and the state’s Public Utilities Commission. The suits were originally filed in the Ninth Circuit and District of Colombia Appeals Court.

It is unclear at this stage when the case will be heard.

The FCC, led by chairman Ajit Pai, voted to overturn net neutrality rules put into place by the Obama administration in December 2017, and then published its order for repealing the rules in the Federal Register in February. This is a step required to allow for opponents to file legal challenges.

Indeed, the move faced a backlash by supporters of open internet rules, as well as certain US states. Reuters reported New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are among the states challenging the decision.

Earlier this month, the state of Washington also codified its own net neutrality regulations, defying a provision in the FCC’s repeal order which prohibits such an action.

The legal challenge aside, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget must still sign off certain aspects of the repeal before it takes legal effect, a process which could reportedly take months.

Chairman Pai previously said he is confident the reversal will be upheld.


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