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Google, Porsche discuss Android integration

13 JAN 2023

Luxury carmaker Porsche reportedly entered talks with Google on the deployment of Android OS in its vehicles, after ending a cooperation with parent company Volkswagen (VW) Group’s Cariad software R&D unit in 2022.

Reuters stated the pair are discussing the deployment of a built-in OS for Porsche’s navigation and entertainment systems which will allow drivers to use apps including Google Maps and Google Assistant without having to connect to an Android device.

The news outlet added any deal would be solely for Porsche vehicles rather than the broader VW Group.

Indeed, the race among technology players to integrate software into car dashboards is well underway, with Google, Amazon and Apple all pushing their offerings.

Porsche CFO Lutz Meschke reportedly stated in October 2022 it was no longer working with VW’s Cariad software unit and was in talks with a number of companies to expand “automated driving and infotainment technology” in its cars.

Google has secured deals with companies including General Motors, Renault Group, Nissan Motor and Ford to deploy its technology through its Google Automotive Services package.

On its website, Google said it offers a range of Android OS tailored for the automotive sector, including a phone-based car infotainment system and a built-in version which carmakers can customise.



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