FCC lists bidders for next 5G spectrum auction

FCC lists bidders for next 5G spectrum auction

19 AUG 2021

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the list of bidders for an upcoming 3.45GHz spectrum auction, setting the stage for another bidding war between the nation’s largest operators.

Operators are expected to use the mid-band spectrum to offer 5G services. AT&T and T-Mobile US are both on the list of approved bidders which completed applications, with a company named Weminuche reportedly registering on behalf of Dish Network.

Verizon, participating as Cellco Partnership, is on a list of bidders with incomplete applications at this time.

The list of companies with completed applications also includes a number of regional operators including Blue Ridge Wireless, East Kentucky Network, Raptor Wireless and Resound Networks.

Some lesser-known entities have also completed applications, including an organisation called 3D Built and an individual named Branden Jaquays.

Designation of an application as complete does not automatically qualify an applicant to hold an FCC licence, with winning bidders required to submit a long-form application after the close of the auction.

The FCC received a total of 42 applications, 16 of which are currently incomplete. The auction is set to begin October 5, with ten licences of 10 MHz up for grabs in each of 416 Partial Economic Areas.

Spectrum on offer is adjacent to Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) bands auctioned in 2020.



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