FCC looks to states, consumers for map data

FCC chair updates politicians on mapping plan

18 NOV 2021

Acting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Jessica Rosenworcel (pictured) told politicians the regulator was seeking the publics’ help to update broadband coverage maps, continuing a strategy employed in overhauling mobile coverage data.

Rosenworcel told US Senators the FCC is working to update a speed test app to enable consumers to measure performance from their mobile phone, while noting there is a role to be played in the process by local government.

“The best maps are not just going to be built by us in Washington, they’re going to be built by all of us”, Rosenworcel said.

“We’re coming up with a methodology so that states, municipalities and tribes can challenge any data that they see that carriers have filed with us”.

The US government aims to employ data on areas with inadequate broadband to steer allocation of funding for infrastructure including fixed wireless access networks.

Rosenworcel was pressed on net neutrality during the meeting, asserting the FCC “inherently has authority” to act without Congress on the issue and reiterating her backing for open access.

In July, US President Joe Biden called for a return to net neutrality, though some politicians have argued for a more measured approach.

Rosenworcel is the president’s pick to become permanent chair of the FCC: politicians are expected to vote on the matter on 1 December, Reuters reported.



Martha DeGrasse

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