Ericsson and MediaTek achieved a 5G upload data rate of 440Mb/s using a combination of FDD and TDD spectrum in the low- and mid-bands, claiming a record for an interoperability test at the equipment maker’s laboratory.

Using carrier aggregation (CA), the test combined 50MHz of 2.1GHz spectrum and 100MHz of C-Band, or 3.7GHz.

Ericsson stated aggregating the common 5G bands enables operators to “considerably increase their uplink” data rates, “resulting in better network performance and user experience”.

The test ran on Ericsson’s RAN Baseband 6648 and a mobile device fitted with MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 5G chipset.

“Super-fast uplink speeds make a big difference in the user experience. From lag-free live streaming, video conferencing and AR/VR apps, to more immersive gaming and extended reality (XR) technologies,” Sibel Tombaz, Ericsson’s head of product line 5G RAN stated.

In March, Ericsson and MediaTek claimed a record downlink data rate of 4.36GB/s using four-component CA.