Nokia extended its industrial solutions offering to include logistics and manufacturing use cases, claiming the move can help companies with digital transformation efforts and realise return on investments.

The offerings will be added to Nokia’s existing industrial solutions segment that includes services to assist the digitalisation needs of underground mining, port, utilities, open pit and airports. The vendor said the logistics and manufacturing sectors can now benefit from the solutions, allowing clients to choose “the most suitable network design” based on their specific use cases.

Nokia added the two sectors “will need to understand how to connect legacy assets to cut through data silos, how to use operational data to inform processes, optimise assets and how to manage their transformation while maintaining critical operations”.

Stephan Litjens, VP of enterprise solutions at Nokia said the solutions can aid clients better approach this transformation by answering “the difficult questions for manufacturing and logistics companies”.

Nokia also cited research which identified key barriers to industrial digital transitions, including the lack of alignment between IT and operational technology units, lack of technology expertise and concerns about data.

The segment solution is based on Nokia One platform, which consists of a suite of industrial offerings including private wireless connectivity, ruggedised devices and industrial edge processing, among others.