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Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson claim 5G slicing boost

15 OCT 2021

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson conducted a 5G network slicing trial they hailed as a breakthrough for enterprise services by proving the chunks can be adapted to meet specific performance requirements.

The companies explained a proof-of-concept involving network exposure run at a Deutsche Telekom laboratory enables adaptable quality of service by providing APIs tailored to specific services.

Deutsche Telekom stated the service APIs “can make specific network capabilities discoverable and available at the application level as part of a network slice”, providing benefits for user experience and service deployment.

Ericsson delivered a commercial-grade standalone 5G network for the trial, which proved capabilities including fully automated configuration and end-to-end orchestration of enterprise slices. CTO Erik Ekudden noted standardised network exposure APIs “provide mechanisms which allow third-party authorised applications to monitor and adjust the behaviour” of network slices, a technique which itself ensures “new digital services will become reality”.

Deutsche Telekom SVP of technology strategy and innovation Alex Choi added integrating network exposure with slicing “lays a technical foundation for 5G service innovation”.



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