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Boingo boss bullish on 5G opportunity

13 NOV 2019

INTERVIEW: Boingo Wireless CEO Mike Finley (pictured) encouraged US operators to tap into the company’s established connectivity presence across various locations in the country as a way to deepen their 5G footprint.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, Finley noted Boingo Wireless no longer only provided Wi-Fi in airports, having expanded its offering to sports stadiums, other transportation hubs, student housing, homes and military bases.

This, he argued, could provide operators with a major 5G boost.

“We’re in a great position for 5G,” said Finley. “If you think about all those locations that I just highlighted, we can be an instant offence for operators. We’re there, we are ready to go, we already do connectivity, provide the network and we can add 5G to that in a pretty fast manner.”

In the interview, Finley also discussed the company’s work around CBRS, changes in user behaviour at sporting events driven by technology and his first seven months in the role.

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