VIDEO INTERVIEW: Opportunities exist in network, devices and systems integration but Dimitri Diliani, head of Nokia in Latin America, has a firm idea where the “big money” lies in the Internet of Things.

Diliani sees value throughout the ecosystem but picks out one place in particular in an interview with Mobile World Live: “Most of the economic value is going to be on the applications side, in the analytics, decision making, the learning and prediction that it will be able to do for us, that’s where the value is and where the big money is going to be for whoever is going to grab it.”

The Nokia LatAm chief also talked up how developing region-specific products and services is central to IoT’s development.

“We believe IoT is going to be global with global applications but every geography, every region will have its own unique tweaks that will require special development, especially on the applications side. It is the beauty of applications that they can be customised for regions.”

Diliani said Nokia is customising IoT applications for an unnamed “major operator” in Brazil as an example of this trend.

Watch the full interview here.