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Ericsson clarifies Russia position after export claims

23 SEP 2022

Ericsson reportedly provided an update to its activity in Russia, stating it was providing software and technical support to customers, and refuting reports in Swedish media asserting it had exported equipment to the country after a war with Ukraine began.

An Ericsson representative told Reuters it had complied with sanctions and any assistance being provided was for products shipped prior to injunctions on business with Russia were imposed.

The vendor argued the make up of sanctions allowed it to cease operations with Russia “while fulfilling contractual obligations”.

Seemingly, Ericsson clarified its position after Sveriges Radio Ekot reported the vendor had applied for 12 permits for exemptions from the sanctions Sweden placed on Russia, seven of which were granted.

Sanctions imposed included the export of software and technology associated with telecoms.

The representative explained an export licence was needed due to the “advanced encryption technology” incorporated in Ericsson’s equipment.

Ericsson and rival Nokia each plan to close their respective operations in Russia this year.



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