Network software company Cohere Technologies added another operator to its roster of investors, with funding from Bell Canada to cover fresh 5G and 6G trials.

Bell Canada made the move through investment arm Bell Ventures.

A Series-D funding round in early 2022 netted Cohere Technologies $46 million, while Australian operator Telstra led a $35 million investment in 2015.

The latest funding will cover trials of Cohere Technologies’ universal spectrum multiplier (USM) software on Bell Canada’s 5G network and evaluation of Orthogonal Time Frequency Space for use on 6G.

Ronny Haraldsvik, Cohere Technologies’ CMO and SVP of business development, told Mobile World Live the company’s focus in 2022 was on scaling its products as part of a large trial it was engaged in, which led to new features and capabilities.

“Our focus for 2023 is to scale and commercialise with partners and we are laying the groundwork for OTFS for 6G as well,” he stated, adding Cohere Technologies will have additional announcements at MWC23 Barcelona.

The company stated the USM software works across existing networks and open RAN, while also highlighting a related xApp which can plug into a real-time RAN intelligent controller (RIC).

It can be integrated by network equipment suppliers in the RAN or as a xApp in the operator cloud.

Cohere Technologies previously claimed the ability to double spectrum efficiency for 4G and 5G.

The vendor has conducted trials and demos with Vodafone Group and Telstra.

In 2021, VMware added the USM software to its RIC platform and both companies were part of an effort by Deutsche Telekom in 2020 to build a virtual RAN platform.

It also completed a xApp integration with VMware’s RIC in 2022.