VMware forged a partnership with Cohere Technologies aimed at bringing more spectral efficiency to open RAN applications.

They will combine VMware’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform with Cohere Technologies’ Spectrum Multiplier and Cloud Scheduler applications.

VMware stated adding Cohere Technologies’ Spectrum Multiplier technology to its open RAN solution will enable operators to double spectral efficiency in some scenarios, thus making it easier to offer bandwidth-intensive 5G use cases including VR, HD video and gaming.

It expects to introduce the combined set-up by the year-end.

The RIC is a key part of open RAN architecture, controlling the network through open interface software applications which can work with equipment from multiple vendors.

Cohere Technologies works with Delay Doppler technology, which can increase the amount of data which can be transmitted in any given portion of spectrum: it claims this boosts efficiency in all waveforms using existing base stations and handsets.

In a related blog, the company’s chairman and CEO Ray Dolan explained moving network intelligence from the RAN to the cloud presents latency challenges, adding operators “are spending tens of billions of dollars on 5G spectrum and being able to get the most out of that investment is critical”.

VMware and Cohere Technologies were among several vendors which participated in a Vodafone Group and Telecom Infra Project trial which upped the capacity of 5G sites.