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LG updates V30, again

31 MAY 2018

LG Electronics announced another update to its V series line, with its V35 ThinQ bringing some features from its new flagship G7 ThinQ to its V30 form factor.

Hwang Jeong-hwan, president of LG’s mobile business, said the move is “part of our strategy that we announced early this year to introduce new iterations of existing products that improve on a proven and successful idea”.

But its first attempt at this, moving from V30 to V30S ThinQ, was met with a lukewarm reception. Announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2018, the device essentially saw a software upgrade and memory boost, which failed to impress compared to other launches around the event.

V35 ThinQ does, at least, include some more concrete changes. It is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 chip (compared with Snapdragon 835 in the predecessor); the main camera is now 16MP dual (compared with 16MP/13MP); and the front camera is now 8MP, rather than 5MP.

Two versions of V35 ThinQ will be available: the base version, with 128GB of storage, and a plus variant with 256GB – and both include microSD storage slot.

The new dual camera set-up, which echoes that of G7 ThinQ, includes a super wide angle camera which “features less edge distortion with sharper and more natural photos from previously”. It also feature LG’s improved AI Cam, with 19 image modes, and portrait feature with bokeh effect.

It also features a new “Super Bright Camera” to capture low light images, and will also support Google Lens.

One interesting question now remains: where will LG go in the second half of the year? With V30 having been updated to flagship standards again, there is no obvious space for a V40 – and the company generally unveils its new V series devices in the autumn.

V35 will be available in the Americas starting from June, followed by “limited markets in Asia, Middle East and Africa”.


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