NTT conducted tests of connecting users to wireless access equipment through blockchain technology, targeting a reduction in power consumption for service providers.

The company employed blockchain to create a one-time contract enabling users to access any wireless access equipment. NTT claimed the verification of its sharing technology is a world first.

It used a mechanism for conducting secure blockchain-based transactions between individuals and wireless access providers.

NTT explained it aims to create a highly efficient wireless access network, enabling anyone to connect to a nearby base station.

The sharing technology enables “each radio base station to use blockchain-ledger information to smooth out the number of terminal connections in a decentralised and autonomous manner and improve communications quality”.

NTT added its proposed sharing technology could boost wireless providers’ income, lower the cost of investment in facilities, and reduce radio wave interference and energy use.

It stated the technology can lower the “cost of constructing a shared system since a decentralised autonomous blockchain system negates the need for centralised control stations”.

NTT stated it used Ethereum-PoA (Proof of Authority) in its trial, but noted it could use other blockchain platforms.