Dish Network reportedly prepared to launch its own 5G Android phone, a move which could help differentiate the nascent operator as it prepares to launch a cloud-based next-generation network.

Bloomberg reported the device will be named Celero, a Latin term relating to swift movement.

Because Dish Network is building a greenfield 5G network, it will need compatible smartphones.

A recent network sharing deal with AT&T will allow Dish Network customers to fall back to LTE and the companies have previously explained the MVNO agreement might be expanded in future.

Apple’s popular 5G-enabled iPhone 12 would be an obvious choice for the operator and its main prepaid brand Boost Mobile already offers the devices.

Boost and Dish Network’s other prepaid brands currently use T-Mobile US’ network, but most customers are expected to transition to the AT&T network, a move the operator stated will require some new handsets.

Dish Network has until June 2023 to build a 5G network covering 70 per cent of the US population to fulfil a commitment made involving T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger.