Vivo opened new production facilities to cover its consumer bases in Pakistan and Turkey, expanding its global manufacturing efforts as it looks to accelerate its international development.

In a statement, the manufacturer explained it poured $10 million into its base in Pakistan, which will be able to produce 6 million smartphones per year. Its Turkish facility will have a capacity of 5 million devices annually, boosted by a $20 million investment.

Vivo claimed the facilities will make “significant contributions” to the development of the local economies, housing more than 3,500 jobs in total.

The company added its total footprint now consists of seven facilities, with other bases located in China, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Combined, these can produce almost 200 million units per year.

“By expanding our global manufacturing network and long-term investment, Vivo desires to embrace diverse markets and empower the local populace with more job opportunities” while creating “great products and services”, SVP Spark Ni commented.

The move is part of the company’s “more local, more global” international business strategy, which also drove its European entry in 2020.

At the end of July, Daily Pakistan reported Vivo was one of the top performing manufacturers in the country.