Emerging market-focused Transsion Group was promoted into Canalys’ list of the five leading smartphone vendors by shipments for the first time, in revised figures released by the analyst house for Q2.

Its report placed the vendor fifth with a 9 per cent global market share, shifting 22.7 million units in the quarter, up 22 per cent year-on-year.

In preliminary figures released last week, Canalys had Vivo in fifth place with an 8 per cent share and Transsion filed under “others” alongside the likes of Sony, Huawei and HMD Global.

The remainder of the top four is unchanged in the new version.

China-based Transsion owns Tecno Mobile, Infinix and iTel, brands sold in various markets around the world but focused on Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia.

The analyst house noted Transsion benefitted from “recovery opportunities in the African market and other emerging markets they recently expanded into” during Q2, noting this meant it had “leaped into the top five for the first time”.

Canalys analyst Amber Liu added Transsion had swiftly “captured the pent-up low-end demand in the Middle East and African markets where the stabilising foreign exchange also supported channel partner confidence. Additionally, its expansion in Latin America in the past few quarters has allowed the vendor to capture low-end demand in some underpenetrated markets”.

Alongside revising the identity of its fifth placed vendor, Canalys’ updated forecast provides a marginally more positive story of overall shipments, with a 10 per cent decline to 258.2 million units compared with the 11 per cent drop it reported initially.