LG Electronics stamped a date for the launch of a key 5G smartphone, revealing it had scored three operator deals for the device, as the manufacturer continues to rebuild its ailing smartphone division.

In a translated statement, the vendor revealed plans for a series of launch activities to build anticipation for the LG Velvet, running from today (29 April) until 7 May, ahead of availability on 15 May.

LG Velvet marks the debut of a new smartphone branding strategy and roadmap, moving away from alphanumerical names and spearheading a new approach to design which, when it unveiled the device in early April, the vendor said it aimed to shake up the sector.

To this end, LG highlighted a curved screen and back, which give the device a slightly oval profile, offering ergonomic benefits. A vertical “waterdrop” main camera array is designed to mimic droplets, offering 48MP main; 8MP ultra-wide; and 5MP depth lenses.

It offers stereo speakers with AI used to tailor sound quality to specific content. An isolation feature separates background noise from voice recorded in videos, with an “autonomous sensory meridian response” function boosting the sensitivity of the device’s dual microphones.

The unit runs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 5G processor, a 4300mAh battery and offers a 6.8-inch display.

Colour options stated were: green, white, grey and a two-tone shade called illusion sunset.