HTC announced the launch of Vive XR Elite, a new addition to its premium device line up which comes with updated specs designed to advance the metaverse experience.

Vive, the manufacturer’s dedicated XR unit, said the new gaming device is tailored to support high-resolution graphics and high-performance streaming activities with improved lenses that can be adjusted to the comfort of the user.

To maximise the user’s audiovisual play, Vive XR Elite comes with a new set of specs covering a depth sensor, “four wide field-of-view tracking cameras” and high-resolution colour camera which boasts a 3840×1920 combined resolution. The device’s updated photographic capacity is coupled with improvements in audio performance, which Vive stated will offer an enhanced XR gaming experience.

Unlike conventional gaming headsets, the device maker noted the convertible design of XR Elite allows users to carry the device on the go with a lightweight set up and detachable battery cradle.

Additionally, the sensors equipped in the headset will offer users the chance to click, scroll and navigate interactions in the metaverse through finger movements without additional devices and accessories.

Vive added users can connect Elite XR to a PC with a cable or Wi-Fi 6E, provided the country supports the network.

Vive XR Elite is available for pre-order for £1,299.