Specialist handset manufacturer Doro cautioned a limited number of files containing unencrypted user information could have been accessible to third parties, though noted there were currently no indications the data had been accessed.

The company added it had taken immediate measures to protect the information and reported the issue to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, which presides over data issues in its home market.

In its statement, the handset maker explained the issue had been discovered during a “preventative review” and concerned unencrypted information on users being “stored in a way that potentially made them accessible to [an] unauthorised third party.”

An investigation is currently underway and, Doro added, has so far uncovered a “limited amount” of information had been available.

Doro makes consumer products aimed at older people, including smartphones, tablets and feature phones.

Its devices include features designed for its target market including assistance buttons, simple layouts and software, and high volume options for those with hearing difficulties.