BT Group expanded a partnership with Google Cloud to target enterprise cybersecurity, a deal which includes the operator becoming a reseller of the latter’s security platform.

Under the deal, the UK company will become a distributor of Google’s Autonomic Security Operations (ASO), a product designed to help organisations detect and analyse threats in their IT architecture.

The software is based on the Google Chronicle platform, which is promoted as being able to rapidly scan and detect security blind spots. The cybersecurity service also includes data and analytics platforms, BigQuery and Lookers, both designed for enterprises.

BT noted the ASO system “decreases the time to detect and respond to threats”, making it an efficient tool in the face of increasing volume and complexity of cyberattacks.

The operator’s security advisory services team will also assist organisations in the deployment and integration of the software suite.

MD Security at BT Group Tris Morgan said the deal marks the duo’s first partnership on cybersecurity, as the companies pledged to explore “new innovations and solutions that help organisations stay ahead of an increasingly threatening cyber threat landscape”.

In 2022, BT struck a deal to integrate a range of Google Cloud’s tools and services for its organisation. This includes cloud infrastructure, AI and ML tools, and data analytics.