Alibaba Group moved ahead with plans to integrate its generative AI model into its digital assistant and messaging app DingTalk, with plans to use the technology across its entire portfolio.

On its corporate news site Alizila, the company stated Alibaba Cloud’s large language model Tongyi Qianwen enables its upgraded Tingwu assistant to automate meeting tasks, transforming it into a one-stop collaboration tool for companies.

It cited generating summaries in real-time, noting key talking points and timestamping audio or video with summaries as examples of the assistant’s capabilities.

“As we gradually integrate the Tongyi Qianwen model into our products and services, we hope users can reap the benefits from these compelling AI innovations for their work, study, play and interaction with each other,” said Zhou Jingren, CTO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Group chair and CEO Daniel Zhang has previously stated Alibaba believes all of its consumer businesses “can be reinvented with large models”, with AI boosting user experience.

Alibaba previously detailed plans to open the generative AI platform to customers to enable them to build large language models.