Lodsys targets Disney apps

Lodsys targets Disney apps

04 APR 2013

Patent holding company Lodsys has targeted another big-name app developer, sending a notice to Disney claiming the entertainment company breached two of its patents.

Lodsys lodged a suit against Disney claiming several of its apps, including the popular Where’s My Water?, included functionality that infringe its intellectual property.

According to the filing, Lodsys informed Disney of the patents involved before filing its complaint and offered to enter a licensing agreement with the app maker. Disney refused, however.

As Disney was made aware of the situation, Lodsys said it had “acted knowingly, willfully, and with intent to infringe the patents-in-suit”.

According to MacRumors, Lodsys has filed a total of 10 lawsuits against app developers in the past couple of days, including Gameloft and Backflip Studios.

Lodsys began targeting iOS developers in 2011, before extending its actions to include Android and BlackBerry developers as well. Rovio and EA have also been targeted.


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