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HTC intros Vive Studios and VR game

15 DEC 2016

HTC launched Vive Studios, which will bring to market virtual reality (VR) content created by the firm’s internal studios and through publishing partnerships with external developers.

The ailing smartphone firm also introduced Arcade Saga, the debut title from the studio, describing it as a “fast, colourful VR game inspired by arcade games”.

Joel Breton, VP of content at HTC Vive, explained that “Vive Studios’ aim is to nurture and discover development talent and help create content that will continually push the boundaries of the kinds of experiences VR can deliver”.

The new venture will help developers with funding as well as publishing and marketing support, as content is created across categories like games and education, as well as tools and applications that it believes can “revolutionise” areas such as media and healthcare.

Arcade Saga was developed by an internal studio called 2 Bears, led by game veterans who have now joined senior engineers at HTC Vive to develop the next generation of VR experiences.

“We have entered a golden age of virtual reality content creation with incredibly powerful game engines, toolkits, and development kits at the fingertips of talented content creators worldwide,” said Breton.

“Arcade Saga” is available now for the Vive virtual reality system for $29.99 on entertainment platform Steam and in China on Viveport, HTC’s VR app store.

Last month, HTC launched the consumer version of its ‘Viveport M’ mobile VR content platform, part of the Vive content ecosystem dedicated exclusively to mobile devices.

HTC Vive is also part of the recently launched Global Virtual Reality Association, a non-profit organisation for international headset manufacturers to promote the growth of VR.


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