Apple teased an unusual event next week, which Bloomberg reported could include the launch of new Mac computers.

The online announcement for the event featured the company’s Apple logo that transforms into the icon for Mac’s finder, which the news site stated could be an indicator for new laptop announcements.

The company hosted a virtual event on its website in January to announce some new products, but Bloomberg noted it didn’t announce it ahead of time, which it suggested made next week’s showcase more significant.

The event announcement included the tagline “Scary Fast,” which the news site claimed may also imply the introduction of its faster M3 Mac chip.

Bloomberg stated customers that were attempting to order laptop models online were being told they won’t be delivered until November, typically a sign that product updates or launches were imminent.

The event is scheduled for 30 October, a day ahead of the Halloween holiday. Bloomberg also noted the 8 p.m. ET start deviated from previous product launches that took place in the morning.

Apple stated the virtual event would be available for viewing on its website and TV app.