INTERVIEW: IBM GM for global telco and distribution industries, Stephen Rose (pictured) cautioned there is still plenty of work to do on implementation and governance of generative AI (GenAI), despite the industry largely moving beyond the hype phase.

Rose explained GenAI use cases had begun to evolve over the past eight months, with numerous trials underway as the industry moves to understand the benefits the technology could bring to different technology sectors and domains.

“The hype is now becoming much more reality,” he stated during MWC Barcelona 2024.

Rose noted use cases involve large and small language models, the latter of which allows operators and companies to employ AI technology in specific domains.

He said the industry also needs to tackle challenges associated with governance and trust, noting everything related to the use of AI “has to work within ethical boundaries”.

The governance of AI within an organisation is established through an internal board which examines the policies, processes and procedures around each use case.

“That board is prosecuting the efficacy and the ethics behind that particular use case.”

He explained while most companies have great sets of organisational ethics and policies, governance also includes knowing where the data came to ensure there are no issues with privacy or the use of someone else’s IP.

“If I’m using specialist domains, or I’m working on niche kind of domains, I really want to know where the data comes from,” he stated.

Rose also recommends scrutinising the data for potential bias or the use of profanity.

“There are simple things to do, but the corporate culture is really going to govern the way in which you behave.”

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