PRESS RELEASE: Recently, the Asia Technology Excellence Award (ATEA) 2022 was unveiled, and ZTE won the award for Technology Excellence in Infrastructure Technology – Telecommunication and Data Center – Telecommunication for its outstanding performance in the DITO network deployment project in the Philippines.

In the DITO large-scale turnkey network delivery project in the Philippines, ZTE overcome multiple difficulties and challenges such as strict standards, complex business scenario, tight project schedule, frequent natural disasters and pandemics. ZTE based on digital network deployment systems iEPMS (Intelligent Engineering Project Management System), Real-Time, Collaborative, Intelligent and Visible project delivery process to improve project management efficiency. At the same time, it innovatively adopts the “AMB (ability assembling, method innovation, and business continuity)” management method, which effectively assured the orderly progress of large and complex projects under sudden crises. Based on excellent product performance, scientific project management methods, innovative digital delivery systems and cloud delivery models, and an excellent team of talents. ZTE helped DITO set a new record for the speed of network construction in the Philippines, creating the fastest communications network commercialization in the country, providing comprehensive coverage and highly reliable communication network service that covers more than 73 million population.

In the Philippines DITO project, ZTE’s prefabricated modular data center solution provides a safe and reliable operating environment for IT and communication equipment including super core data center, aggregation and edge data centers, effectively guaranteeing the quality of communication services. The design and innovation of data centers in terms of management experience, operation and maintenance efficiency, energy savings, power consumption reduction have become the benchmark for the industry.

Jin Zhichao, General Manager of the DITO project of ZTE Corporation in the Philippines, said in an interview with Asian Business Review, “ZTE Corporation is committed to becoming a road builder in the digital economy, and will continue to develop the telecommunication market in the Philippines, leveraging its management, talent and technical advantages in the DITO project, through high-quality products and excellent services to help the thriving development of the Philippine Telecommunication industry, and contribute to the digital transformation of the Philippines.”

The Asian Technology Excellence Awards (ATEA) is Asia’s most prestigious communication industry award, recognizing outstanding companies with the most outstanding technology project and leading the industry’s digital transformation journey. The 2022 awards mainly focus on areas such as fintech, communication, software and cloud, and artificial intelligence. Many well-known communication technology companies in Asia were also awarded, including Indonesia Telkom, Indonesia Telkomsel, India Tata, Vietnam CMC Telecom, and Sri Lanka SLT Mobile.