PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation launched its integrated end-to-end telecom energy solution, at the TowerXchange Asia 2023, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

With the continuous development of global 5G construction, the number of 5G sites is increasing remarkably. This has led to a steady rise in investment in the telecom energy systems supporting the sites. Simultaneously, as operators strive to achieve goals for carbon neutrality, the trend of layering of telecom networks and energy networks is becoming apparent. Operators are now pursuing the transformation of light asset to enhance network operation efficiency and reduce costs, resulting in a continuous increase in their demands for end-to-end network energy solutions. 

As a prominent player in the telecom energy industry, ZTE keenly anticipates industry trends and responds with the launch of integrated end-to-end solutions for telecom energy. These solutions encompass every stage of site power supply, including power generation, conversion, utilization, storage, and management. ZTE delivers comprehensive lifecycle services, spanning network consulting, solution design, equipment production, engineering delivery, and Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

Built on the concept of layering the telecom network into passive, active, and business layers, this solution facilitates the decoupling of telecom equipment network infrastructure, easing the challenges of light asset transformation. ZTE’s extensive range of self-developed products, such as the DC power system, solar system, smart lithium battery, and energy management system, combined with a full-network digital Operations & Maintenance (O&M) approach, ensures seamless coordination to meet diverse scenario requirements. This results in network-wide visibility, manageability, and upgradeability, effectively mitigating O&M risks.

ZTE’s one-stop delivery, characterized by clear interfaces and rapid response, empowers customers to achieve their goals of reducing network operation costs and enhancing efficiency throughout the product lifecycle.

Liu Mingming, General Manager of Telecom Energy Product at ZTE, said, “A reliable energy network is the cornerstone of a reliable telecom network. 80% of the OPEX expenditure of network operation occurs in the energy network, so it is critical to reduce the TCO and improve efficiency of energy network operation. ZTE integrated end-to-end telecom energy solution would provide effective means to achieve elaborated O&M of energy networks and reduce OPEX in complicated existing networks.”

Currently, ZTE’s telecom energy products have been providing services to more than 160 countries and regions around the world. ZTE’s Digital Energy Product focuses on developing green telecom enery solutions, aiming to reduce energy consumption across the entire telecom network. Through green innovation, ZTE provides customers with competitive energy products and low-TCO solutions, collaborating with customers to build a green and low-carbon future.