PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with Telecab in Brazil to launch the commercial set-top box B866V2FA. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in their joint efforts to penetrate the Brazilian market. The set-top box, powered by Android TV, supports 4K resolution, offering users an immersive TV viewing experience.

Telecab, one of the leading ISPs in the region, has been steadfastly developing its Pay TV business while expanding its fixed broadband services. However, faced with escalating competition in the ISP market and the need to enhance its in-house Pay TV application – Telecab TV, and integrate renowned third-party streaming media applications, Telecab urgently requires an upgrade. Unfortunately, the current set-top boxes, hindered by outdated hardware and a legacy Android operating system, are unable to meet the evolving needs of Telecab’s Pay TV business.

Understanding Telecab’s requirements, ZTE provides a tailored set-top box solution – the B866V2FA powered by Android TV. This solution incorporates the latest hardware design to align with Telecab’s future business needs while optimizing Capex. Leveraging ZTE’s extensive ecosystem partnerships, Telecab seamlessly integrates popular streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video, enriching its content offerings and bolstering its competitive edge. Additionally, ZTE delivers pre-integrated network management features, empowering Telecab to efficiently manage the set-top boxes through third-party network management or the ZTE SMP platform, ultimately reducing Opex. With its rich content and seamless user experience, the B866V2FA significantly enhances Telecab’s customer retention and attracts new users to its platform. 

In a remarkably short span of just one month, ZTE promptly provided tailored prototypes to Telecab for testing. Each prototype passed all acceptance tests with flying colors. Consequently, both parties swiftly finalized a purchase order and successfully completed the delivery as per the agreed schedule.

Telecab highly appreciated ZTE’s professional and efficient work, with CEO Mr. Geilson Araujo giving high praise for the cooperation: “We have found ZTE to be a great technology partner dedicated to the world. Together we have created a project powered by Android TV to build new products and attract new customers. We understand that ZTE is a key partner in this business.” 

As a world-leading provider of home media terminals, ZTE has always devoted itself to the development and application of high-quality products. To date, ZTE’s STBs have been successfully commercialized in over 150 operators across more than 45 countries. Moving forward, ZTE will strengthen its partnerships with global customers, offering superior and reliable products and services, and building excellent home terminals to create a better future for smart homes.

*Android TV and YouTube are trademarks of Google LLC.