PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced that it has won Good Design Awards 2020 for its latest home gateway, smart home wireless router, and “Home” series of home terminal.

With a minimalist design, ZTE home gateway features a seemingly unpolished appearance, which signifies boundless imagination and vast prospects of the application of gigabit broadband.

“Although ZTE home gateway boasts super high performance, it features a plain and unsophisticated design, with a simple box style like a   cutout from a plaster block ,” said the judges of Good Design Award.

Moreover, ZTE smart wireless router uses a plump moon design to convey the humanity of a functional product, integrating a high-tech device with the home environment. The top panel of the product can be customized with a diverse selection of materials to match with different home environments. Its foldable antennas reduce the package size and provide more packaging convenience.

With the theme of “Home”, ZTE’s new series of home terminals, including a Set Top Box (STB), a wireless router and a smart speaker, feature furniture feet-like supports and minimalist designs.

The two materials of plastic and wood and the furniture appearance work together to produce a fantastic effect, differentiating the products from other electronic devices while fitting seamlessly into the home environment.

“The series are shaped as simple rectangles, cubes and cylinders, which, coupled with their unified matte white color and cute wooden feet, make them extremely harmonious in the home space,” commented the judges.

Good Design Award has recognized various objects surrounding us, including industrial goods, architecture, software, systems, services and so on. No matter tangible or intangible, Good Design Award will take it as design, evaluate and honor its quality, as long as it is created to fulfill certain ideals or purposes. Since its foundation in 1957, the Good Design Award has been commonly known together with the “G Mark”, the symbol of winning the award.

In the home broadband sector, ZTE is committed to bolstering foundational capabilities, strengthening technological innovation, and providing global customers with superior products and services. To date, ZTE’s home broadband products have been deployed in more than 100 countries and regions, maintaining ZTE’s industry leadership in this segment.