PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation will launch over 10 industry-leading Wi-Fi 7 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) products bearing the brand name “LinkPro” at Mobile World Congress 2024. The LinkPro CPE series can be used in various networking scenarios such as homes and Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to help operators build a foundation for 10G-plus network connections and achieve better service development.

Wi-Fi 7 greatly increases throughput and reduces latency, making it better able to meet the high bandwidth and low latency requirements brought by emerging applications such as VR/AR, 4K/8K ultra high definition video, and cloud computing.

The upcoming released ZTE 10-plus LinkPro CPE products come in different types including Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network Optical Network Terminals (GPON ONTs), 10-Gigabit-capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network (XGS-PON) ONTs, a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) CPE device, a mesh AP, and a router. The products fulfil the requirements of multiple scenarios such as evolution of CPE from GPON to XGS-PON and intelligent networking in homes and SMEs. To help operators design diverse packages for high-, mid- and low-end users, the product series is available in a variety of specifications, from entry-level dual-band BE3600 to premium triple-band BE19000.

The LinkPro CPE series features a combination of unique square-bucket and flattened-bucket designs. The smooth curves and minimalist appearances make it look more dignified and elegant nature, while the use of high-quality materials elevates its overall texture to a new level.

Notably, the LinkPro CPE series products to launch at MWC 2024 will include two products tailored for the European market. The ZXHN F8748, which is the first BE7200 Wi-Fi 7 Combo ONT in the industry, allows for a smooth upgrade from GPON to XGS-PON. The ZXHN H5745, which is the industry’s first BE7200 Wi-Fi 7 tri-mode DSL Home Gateway (HGW), supports Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) 2/PON/2.5GE uplink transmission and enables a smooth upgrade from DSL to Fiber To The Home (FTTH). In the two upgrade scenarios, the two products can both meet the current transmission requirements and support the technology evolution of the next two to three years. This not only reduces engineer visits by 50% but also cuts the costs of CPE replacement, thereby helping operators save CAPital Expenditure (CAPEX) and OPeration Expenditure (OPEX) during network upgrades.

ZTE is providing new Wi-Fi 7 CPE products for customers across Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Japan. Moving forward, ZTE will continue to work with global operators to innovate home networks and services to bring users faster and smarter home networking experiences.