PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced the accolade of the prestigious Best Digital Outreach in Asia of Telecom Review Excellence Award 2023. This recognition comes in acknowledgment of the IPv6-based Metro Cloud Network project, a collaborative effort between ZTE and China Telecom Shanghai Branch.

The award winners were unveiled at the 17th edition of the Leaders’ Summit, a distinguished event held in Dubai by Telecom Review, a telecom industry’s leading ICT media platform. This success underscores ZTE’s commitment to advancing innovation and excellence in the field of information and communication technology.

In recent years, China Telecom has been actively promoting its “Cloudification and Digital Transformation” strategy and strengthening its cloud network convergence initiatives to meet the high-performance, high-efficiency, and high-reliability network requirements of digital development in the future. As a leader in the strategy practice, the China Telecom Shanghai Branch is committed to promoting the transformation of the traditional metro network to the new Metro Cloud Network.

In February 2023, China Telecom Shanghai Branch in collaboration with ZTE, has achieved a successful launch of the Metro Cloud Network service, swiftly migrating one million users to the platform. Utilizing the innovative IP network protocol of SRv6+EVPN based on China Telecom’s cloud network convergence, they implemented an on-demand scheduling mechanism on the Metro Cloud Network. This mechanism was applied in various applications, including vBRAS (virtual Broadband Remote Access Servers) and cloud broadband.

Moreover, in collaboration with ZTE and other partners, China Telecom Shanghai Branch developed and deployed a cloud broadband service based on the Metro Cloud Network, leveraging the advantages of SRv6 technology. The cloud broadband solution incorporates SDN, cloud/NFV, and end-to-end SRv6 technologies to enable one-hop cloud access of fixed home broadband services. This flexible cloud-network scheduling facilitates the transformation of traditional home broadband services into cloud-based home broadband services.

A notable feature of this solution is the introduction of the NFV solution with C/U separated vBRAS. Compared to traditional broadband access solutions, the vBRAS utilizes a pooling deployment, enhancing service deployment easiness and centralizing maintenance and management.

The Best Digital Outreach of Telecom Review Excellence Award is a testament to the remarkable contributions of the China Telecom Shanghai Branch and ZTE to the ICT industry. Their implementation of the concept “network as the foundation, cloud as the core, network adaptation with cloud, and cloud-network synergy” has significantly impacted the sector.

Moving forward, the two parties are committed to furthering the deployment of Metro Cloud Network services for China Telecom Shanghai Branch. Together, they aim to explore innovative business models and foster new application ecosystems for the cloud-based network, thereby accelerating the network digital transformation.

As a wrap-up to the 17th edition of Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, Telecom Review Group organized its Excellence Awards ceremony to recognize exceptional global and regional companies, along with industry leaders, for their innovative initiatives and influential contributions throughout 2023.