PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has unveiled the new-generation Cloud Premium Video Platform (PVP) solution at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. By utilizing ZTE’s state-of-the-art Cloud PVP solution, which is designed with cloud native architecture, Türk Telekom is providing the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge viewing experience. This new solution brings the unparalleled availability and flexibility, and it will ensure Türk Telekom’s business evolution in the near future.

ZTE’s Cloud PVP solution, featuring container deployment, can be flexibly deployed on physical machines, private clouds, and public clouds. The solution supports hybrid cloud deployment, which makes the most efficient use of resources and greatly reduces the investment in hardware. Meanwhile, with multi-instance design, the new architecture achieves no single point of failure and automatic disaster recovery, guaranteeing the system robustness. In addition, the cloud-based platform also supports online upgrade and elastic capacity scaling, significantly enhancing the system flexibility and scalability.

By leveraging the latest AI and big data technologies, and jointly developing with Türk Telekom, ZTE’s Cloud PVP empowers Türk Telekom with highly personalized campaigns and notifications, effectively meeting the operator’s continuous service growth needs. Moreover, new TV service in Türk Telekom allows access with any types of terminals, such as IPTV STB, Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TV, mobile, tablets, and web, providing a seamless user experience between multiple devices. The success case showcases the technical advantages and market value of ZTE’s Cloud PVP platform. Furthermore, the platform will continue to promote the growth of the operator’s video services.