PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has released a new AI home media center at MWC Barcelona 2024. The product combines the capabilities of 8K STB with storage, computing and intelligent control, to help operators build a smart home center and expand richer home entertainment and interaction scenarios.

With the continuous development of video services, service scenarios began to require home media terminals to have computing power. ZTE AI home media center has 8K video decoding capability for video service, and at the same time integrates computing, storage, and intelligent control capabilities to expand six major home scenarios.

  • Definition Up-scale: Powerful AI computing is used to upscale images so that the image quality can be significantly improved compared with the original. In this way, this product can revitalize the existing contents and solve the problem of scarce ultra-high-definition contents.
  • Home NAS: It is used to provide safe and private storage space for home users to store family albums, movies, files and videos.
  • Real-time translation: AI computing is used to process language interaction and audio/video contents in real time. It supports multi-language interaction and subtitle translation, significantly improving the interaction and movie-watching experience of users.
  • Game rendering: The powerful processing capability provides storage and rendering capabilities for VR and AR applications to bring interactive, ultra-high-definition and immersive experience for users.
  • Motion sensing interaction: AI computing and the cameras collaborate to catch the users’ motions and instructions to expand applications like motion sensing exercises and motion sensing games.
  • IoT control: The product fully supports Matter over Thread, achieves cross-vendor, cross-protocol, barrier-free IoT control and interaction and is the central brain of the smart home. 

As a world-leading provider of home media terminals, ZTE is committed to the R&D and application of high-quality products. Moving forward, ZTE will continue to deepen cooperation with global operators in AI computing field to create a new smart home era.