PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has once again secured the top position in the global Passive Optical Network (PON) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) shipment rankings. This achievement, highlighted in the recently released Broadband Access & Home Networking Quarterly Report Q4 2023 by research firm Dell’Oro Group, underscores ZTE’s market leadership. With a 34.3% share of the market in 2023, ZTE has maintained its leadership in PON CPE shipments for three consecutive years, from 2021 to 2023.   

As a world-leading CPE supplier, ZTE is committed to bringing a better experience to its customers through continuous technological innovation and customized products and services. The LinkPro series of Wi-Fi 7 home gateways boasts the world’s fastest Wi-Fi speeds and represents an upgrade in home network experiences. The industry’s first Fiber To The Room for Business (FTTR-B) main Optical Network Terminal (ONT), powered by an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip, helps to save energy, reduce emissions, and enhance the user experience. 

The Smart Cloud Platform (SCP), the world’s first integrated cloud-based platform for network management, enables the visualization as well as the remote management, operation and maintenance of networks, thereby helping operators reduce costs and increase revenues. Through the continuous iteration of products and solutions, ZTE keeps injecting new momentum to the development of the CPE industry.

ZTE has deployed CPE products on a large scale in over 100 countries and regions, forging in-depth partnerships with over 200 operators worldwide for CPE deployment. In China, ZTE dominates 45% of the FTTR market. Overseas, ZTE has achieved significant CPE shipments, with over 10 million units dispatched to Spain and exceeding 15 million devices to Brazil. Notably, ZTE has secured initial Wi-Fi 7 PON CPE orders in markets such as Italy, Spain, and Japan. As ZTE ventures into new markets, it remains dedicated to helping customers unlock business value.

ZTE has garnered widespread industry recognition for its robust capabilities in the CPE field. In the latest Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) ratings report released by the consultancy GlobalData, ZTE was designated as a “Leader” for ONT products, reaffirming its leadership in this product category. Moreover, ZTE’s product design has been lauded with multiple series of products receiving prestigious industry awards such as the “iF Design Award,” the “Red Dot Design Award,” and the “IDEA Design Award.” These accolades underscore the seamless integration of technology and aesthetics in ZTE’s CPE products.

Moving forward, ZTE will remain dedicated to strengthening its foundational capabilities in the CPE field. The company will continue to pioneer innovative technologies and solutions, striving to deliver superior products and services that enable operator customers worldwide to achieve unprecedented business success.