PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has released the 5G Messaging Technical White Paper, which fully elaborates on ZTE’s 5G Messaging solution. The white paper aims at building the 5G killer service, to better serve the public and thousands of industries.

The messaging service is the basic service for operators. ZTE, by virtue of its 5G network technologies, took the lead in proposing the 5G Messaging solution. With the advent of the latest technological evolution, standard development and terminal development of 5G networks, 5G Messaging is divided into three categories of messaging services:

5G Short Message Service (SMS): According to the 3GPP technical standards and terminal capabilities, the 5G networks and terminals will support SMS over NAS(Non Access Stratum), which is an SMS function based on 5G NR access. The 5G SMS still provides the basic SMS services, with the functions and experiences being the same as those of the traditional SMS.

5G Rich Media Messaging: For a long time, the functions and experiences of the traditional text messages cannot satisfy the requirements of users, and restrict the development of industry applications. In the 5G era, the traditional text messaging is upgraded to GSMA UP2.4 with 5G rich media messaging and business messaging services, to complete a comprehensive upgrade of its functions, features, experiences and services.

5G Internet of Things (IoT) Messaging: With 5G IoT Messaging standards and technologies that feature massive connections, low bandwidth, and lightweight, 5G IoT Messaging has achieved the messaging communication and commercial applications among objects, people and applications.

ZTE is a leading equipment vendor for the global 5G Messaging platform. With rich experience in network construction, ZTE also has the excellent commercial operation experience in the world’s largest messaging platform, where single LAN exceeds 100 million user scale and massive terminals are well-adapted. Moreover, ZTE’s 5G Messaging platform sent the world’s first 5G message in Hangzhou, China on April 3rd, 2020. Moving forward, ZTE will be committed to helping operators construct the telecoms ecosystem 2.0 towards the prosperity of the telecoms industry.

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