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China Mobile and ZTE complete VC-OTN enterprise private line upgrade test on existing network

10 MAY 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation and the Wenzhou branch of China Mobile have completed the Virtual Container- Optical Transport Network (VC-OTN) function test on the existing network.

The test fully demonstrates the excellent transport capability of ZTE’s OTN upgrade solution in providing high-value enterprise services and meeting large bandwidth, high security, rigid pipes and low jitter requirements of enterprise customers. The solution lays a solid technical foundation for the large-scale enterprise private line upgrade of China Mobile in Zhejiang province.

Although the traditional SDH network offers rigid pipes and high security in service transport, it’s difficult to expand the bandwidth or turn the network into an intelligent one, which prevents China Mobile from providing network guarantee for enterprises in their digital transformation. Thus, the Wenzhou branch of China Mobile has upgraded its network by employing ZTE’s intelligent E-OTN 2.0 solution loaded with VC-OTN technology to deliver high-value customer services.

ZTE’s end-to-end intelligent management & control system enables automatic service configuration and provisioning by simply inputting service parameters, thereby shortening the service distribution time to 1~2 minutes and significantly improving the service provisioning efficiency. Moreover, the system avoids configuration errors caused by manual operations, meeting the customers’ requirements for future intelligent network evolution.

The Wenzhou branch of China Mobile has also adopted the cassette CPE OTN device on the existing network to implement private line service access at the last mile and ensure end-to-end OTN deployment. Featuring small size, low power consumption, flexible installation, and automatic service provisioning, the device helps the operator save equipment room space and reduce operation and maintenance costs, while effectively simplifying operation and maintenance.

In the era of “New Infrastructure Construction”, with the large-scale commercial use of 5G, the new services such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are booming. In the future, ZTE will work closely with China Mobile to continuously promote technology innovations and applications in the OTN field, helping enterprise customers to achieve digital transformation.



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