Reports this week state that Verizon Wireless – the largest US operator – will get its hands on an Android-powered Motorola device next week. Last month US regulator, the Federal Communications Commission, confirmed it approved a Motorola device known as Sholes as part of the organisation’s testing procedures. This device is expected to be branded ‘Tao’ when commercially available, and has long been linked to a Verizon deal. A report from TheStreet cites three unnamed analysts as stating the device will be unveiled next week. A Motorola representative declined to comment to TheStreet but added that the company has previously said it would make an announcement in the coming weeks. The new Android device reportedly supports 3G in the form of CDMA Rev A technology, as well as Wi-Fi 802.11b/g.

A launch of an Android-powered Motorola device by Verizon would follow rival T-Mobile’s deal with the US vendor. Last month Motorola unveiled its first Android device – the Cliq (pictured) – which will go on sale with T-Mobile USA in the next few weeks for US$199.99 on a two-year contract. The Cliq was Motorola’s first of what is expected to be a line of devices that run on the Android operating system developed by Google. Motorola has reorganised its entire handset division around Android as it looks to regain market share following recent declines. Striking a deal with Verizon would give Motorola access to a much greater US customer base than T-Mobile.