LIVE FROM CES 2017, LAS VEGAS: ZTE announced launch and branding details of the winner in its Project CSX consumer-led programme, a crowdsourcing initiative that kicked off exactly a year ago at the 2016 show.

The eye-tracking, self-adhesive smartphone device will ship globally in Q3 this year under the moniker Hawkeye. The device was announced as the winner in ZTE’s project last October, gaining 36 per cent of the vote. Other top scorers included intelligent smartphone covers (21 per cent), a “stock Android flagship phone” (19 per cent) and “VR-interactive diving mask” (8 per cent).

Hawkeye is available for funding from today on Kickstarter for a price of $199.

Meanwhile ZTE – touting itself as the fourth-largest smartphone vendor in the US and the second-largest no-contract player – said it will start selling its Blade smartphone series in the country with availability of the Blade V8 Pro. The device will retail for $229.98 and offers a dual camera, fingerprint sensor and large screen.