Verizon talked-up a round of successful trials of dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) for 5G conducted in Texas and Minnesota, but remained vague about when it plans to launch the technology.

An operator representative told Mobile World Live it is “actively working” on DSS with all of its infrastructure vendors including Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. It primarily plans to use DSS with its 850MHz spectrum, but will also run the technology on PCS and AWS airwaves in some markets, the representative added.

When pressed about launch timing, the representative said only Verizon is targeting deployment “before the end” of 2020. CEO Hans Vestberg previously stated it would launch “when we think it’s commercially right”.

DSS allows spectrum to be shared between 4G and 5G simultaneously, with resources allocated based on demand. AT&T began rolling it out earlier this month.

Verizon wants to use DSS to deliver low-band 5G coverage nationwide, adding to its mmWave deployments, which offer limited-range service in select cities.

Adam Koeppe, Verizon SVP of technology planning, explained in a statement DSS will help it “right-size network resources” to serve a variety of 5G use cases.