Telecom Italia retaliated to media speculation around senior management departures, asserting its top team was a cohesive unit focused on its current strategy.

In a statement it described as responding to allegations of the departure of top staff, Telecom Italia explained it had not made any related official announcements and was quick to present an image of a united front.

“Allusions about exits dictated by disagreements with the company’s strategic line, which continues as planned, led by a renewed, cohesive management team focused on the objectives to be achieved, are to be rejected,” it added.

Telecom Italia’s comment follows widespread reports in the business press claiming chief network, operations and wholesale officer Stefano Siragusa was set to depart. Reuters noted the move was fuelled by strategy disagreements with CEO Pietro Labriola.

Media speculation comes at a time of major change at the Italian fixed and mobile player, with the company in the process of executing a long-touted plan to split its operation in two.

Telecom Italia is no stranger to executive upheavals,with the company’s recent history being punctuated by CEO departures and boardroom drama.