Mike Matan, American Express’ VP of network capabilities, told Mobile World Live that Apple Pay’s launch in Australia with the credit card firm will happen “extremely shortly”.

Apple’s payment service is already available in the US and UK, with Canada debuting earlier this week.

A previous announcement by the companies said both Canada and Australia will go live before the end of 2015, with Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong to follow in 2016.

Matan (pictured) said Apple Pay is an example of American Express “being where our customers want to be”.

“Launching in Canada, launching in Australia, launching next year in Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong are examples of having real impact on our customers versus innovation for innovation’s sake,” he added.

The card giant this week launched Amex Enabled Digital Solutions, which pulls together its existing contactless, tokenisation, mobile wallets, NFC and HCE solutions into one package for customers.

The aim is to enable American Express credit cards in various digital forms for a variety of customers including banks, merchants and technology firms, as well as Apple. In addition to Apple Pay, Amex also works with rivals Samsung Pay and Android Pay.