Social media company Snap targeted retail brands to deploy its AR services, forming an enterprise unit dedicated to helping businesses boost customer experience through the technology.

In a statement, head of the newly-formed unit Jill Popelka explained Snap had developed AR since 2013 and now wants to provide it for businesses to use on their websites, apps and physical stores as part of a ten-year strategy.

Snaps Lenses AR feature incorporates photo filters for users and interactive 3D objects which brands can use to market their products in the app.

The company’s AR enterprise arm will assist business clients in deploying its shopping features in their channels, with the fashion segment as its initial focus.

Snap launched an in-app AR shopping tools allowing users to try on items virtually in April 2022, while its photo filters sporting brand products launched in 2021.

It claimed users have engaged with its AR shopping features more than 5 billion times during this period.