Qualcomm partnered with Japan’s NTT to jointly develop and invest in 5G-compatible devices, aimed at boosting private network deployments for enterprises.

In a statement, NTT explained expanding the existing device ecosystem will facilitate wider deployments of private 5G as more businesses step up their digitalisation efforts, in turn driving the demand for 5G-capable equipment.

To achieve this, the duo will work together to develop hardware that supports use cases for enterprise services, pointing to AR headsets, computer vision cameras and sensors as examples.

The companies said the devices will feature Qualcomm’s 5G chipsets to enable various AI applications at the edge, including image recognition to detect, count or verify objects.

“NTT is the voice of the customer, and combined with Qualcomm Technologies’ semiconductor expertise, we can enable original equipment manufacturers to build the devices that will benefit a wide range of use cases and customers,” said Jeffery Torrance, SVP and GM for connected smart systems at Qualcomm.

There is also a plan for NTT to deploy its Edge-as-a-Service solution to enhance security and safety in automated work environments.

Further, NTT added it will start offering subscription services for enterprises to access, upgrade and recycle 5G and edge devices to simplify device lifecycle management and reduce costs.