LIVE FROM CONNECTED BRITAIN 2023, LONDON: Nokia UK and Ireland CEO Phil Siveter (pictured) warned the acceleration of technology can lead to fragmentation and social exclusion, insisting the mobile industry has the power to stimulate innovation without leaving anyone behind.

During his keynote speech, Siveter explored the idea of diversity and what it means for the telecoms ecosystem, particularly in relation to new technologies.

While the CEO highlighted many organisations have stepped up efforts to solidifying their internal diversity strategy, Siveter argued the idea of inclusivity should be understood “in the context of the wider society” to include those outside the ecosystem.

An example highlighted by Siveter was how connectivity has opened up new ways of working.

“We in this room and in this industry have the opportunity to address some of the world’s biggest challenges”, Siveter added.

“Change is coming faster than ever, and I’m not talking about AI or 6G, I’m talking about the building blocks of 5G and fibre investment that can lead to rapid acceleration.”

Rural investment
The executive branded fibre as the key technology in enabling 5G.

In a separate interview with Mobile World Live, Siveter touted Nokia’s role in helping alt-nets roll out fibre broadband in UK’s most remote areas.

“We are one of the few vendors that assist in the end-to-end fibre deployment,” he said, adding it was “at the heart of rolling out fibre in UK, which brings us closer to narrowing the digital divide”.