Meta Platforms was hit with a temporary ban on a practice used by technology companies called behavioural advertising, facing a fine of NOK1 million ($100,000) a day unless it takes remedial action.

Norway’s Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) stated it will impose the fine every day from 4 August until 3 November, while the ban is initially in effect until October.

Datatilsynet ruled Meta Platforms’ illegally harvested user data in Norway, including their location and content they had shown interest in to be used for marketing purposes.

Meta Platforms has come under fire for data harvesting, particularly in Europe.

In December 2022, the Republic of Ireland’s Data Protection Commission ruled Meta Platforms conducted illegal behavioural advertising and, despite making certain changes, the European Court of Justice recently noted the company is still not complying with laws.

Head of Datatilsynet’s international division Tobias Judin said the ban and fine were to “ensure that people in Norway can use these services in a secure way and that their rights are safeguarded”.

“Invasive commercial surveillance for marketing purposes is one of the biggest risks to data protection on the internet today.”

Meta Platforms said its services in the country remain unaffected and it will now decide whether to challenge the decision in court.