Voice and mobile data wholesaler BICS and cloud-native network software provider Mavenir moved to tackle a looming problem affecting roaming interoperability as operators shutdown 2G and 3G networks, developing a VoLTE product they claimed will ensure service continuity.

The companies noted variances in operator schedules for sunsetting legacy mobile networks has the potential to create barriers to roaming services, prompting them to develop a set-up combining BICS’ expertise with Mavenir’s cloud-native IMS product to employ 4G and 5G technologies in place of 2G and 3G.

Mikael Schachne, VP of telco market at BICS, branded the task of ensuring roaming service continuity as “crucial”. The companies noted a lack of planning could effectively shutdown service for customers still on legacy networks if they travel to a nation where these have been closed.

Along with obvious safety issues in terms of removing even emergency calling services, Mavenir and BICS highlighted the potential loss of roaming revenue for operators.

Ashok Khuntia, president of core networks at Mavenir, argued it is important to maintain a focus on existing technologies at a time of growing interest in 5G “or even 6G”.

He argued such next-generation developments must be conducted “in a way that doesn’t create blind spots that could cost operators revenue and potentially widen the digital divide”.